just do it


Sometimes people only have in their imagination what they want in future but mostly they forget to do in the first step, which is trying. So, trying is important thing for us. Don’t only make many conversations, we have to try it first if we want something, including the success in near future. Just do it yourself.

~ by sbektiistiyanto on February 2, 2008.

17 Responses to “just do it”

  1. I agree with u,Sir. But most people dont have courage to try something. It is simply on the basis that they are afraid of being failed. Congratz for the new blog. I’m waiting for the next posting.

  2. Helo, Sir..
    I do agree with your statement. The problem is, most people dont have the courage to try or start something new. It’s simply on the basis that they are afraid of being failed.
    Congratulations for the new blog..
    I’m waiting for the next posting.


  3. Hello Sir !! How are you ?
    I was surprised when I read your article. I do agree with your statement that trying is the first step to achieve the future. But if Im able to give additon, not all people are brave enough to try something. So, it must be the opportunity will go to them who are brave enough to try.
    Am I the first who give comment to your blog ?
    Okay, Im waiting to the next article.
    May you always in good health.

    Thank U

  4. Pak Bekti, web nya bikin semangat nihhh,,,,
    saya lagi pengen belajar…
    jadi mengingat jaman kuliah pleeesss nambah pengetahuan..heheee…
    masih inget say akan Pak?? hehehe….

    warm regards,,,
    salah satu mantan mahasiswi komunikasi, hheheehe,….

  5. heuw heuw,
    sir, i’m coincidently found your blog here…
    i was tryin to find online journal which my friends asked, then “tada” uncle google just brought me here..

    so surprised!! when i looked at my searchbar, it’s written your name up there..

    keep updating this blog,
    btw, yeah, it’s true..
    i’m so bored to hear ppl always says that he/she wants it that way or this way, whatsoever, without any single act,,
    of course it’s gonna be useless..


  6. Thanks to all positive comments, hopefully I can increase this blog better and better soon. I just have a little think that this blog can be useful to students or others, even in a minimally appearance. (hehehe just self defense). btw, how about this blog now?

  7. its absolutely much better..
    but here’s another suggesttion (IMHO again),

    why dont you post your article in a better way?
    i mean, lost of article here are served with doc file rite? (maybe most of ’em)

    if you post it in usual way, where ppl no needs to download your article, then it’d be much better again.

    why? because .doc file couldnt and wouldnt crawled by google.
    the more ‘visible’ words that you served in your blog (of course not include .doc), the more google will crawl it.
    which means, this blog visitors will increase significantly and by the end, it’ll be much useful to others.

    by the way, i think this blog will gonna be succed…
    superb!! thank’s for d articles sir..
    i really enjoyed and helped..

  8. Poeth, do you know that I make this blog autodidact, just try and error, without someone give me any suggestions and how the way to make it better. I don’t know how ways to make visitors easier to open my blog or download my articles. Because it is my first experience to make my own blog and also become first learning to me to give fully services to my students and other visitors/readers. If, the blog is necessary needed by them- I just say “alhamdulillah’, but if not, it is no problem to me. But, thanks for your comments, maybe you can help me to revise this blog in near future than I can ‘learning by practicing’ direct from you.

  9. HeLLo Sir!!
    i do agree with u…
    but i think the problem is how to find the courage to try the first step??

  10. Assalamualaikum
    Hi, Sir how are U ?
    U did not change in many years
    so keep u’re faith
    may Alloh give u a lot of happines

  11. Walaikumsalam
    Alhamdulillah, everything is good and under control.
    I got many changes in few years Jo, about healthy, increase a child again, my stomach is more forward hehehe and any else changes.
    But, I think all changes must to say thanks to Allah.
    Btw, how do you do in Surakarta? I hope you always in better conditions. Amin

  12. hello Sir,,
    finally i’ve found ur weblogs ,, ^_^
    btw, ‘just do it’ like an oase 4 me,,
    i agree with the argue that trying is important thing 4 us,,this words has increased my spirit…

  13. Ok. Thanks, I hope the statement is not just ‘a word’, but it can be to push or motivate us that our spirit is going down, too.

  14. i agree with you. you have a good blog, mr chairman! ok, let’s do something! c u on january in yk, and dont forget to bring us some nopias hahaha

  15. Buat pak bekti juga dont stop to try to enhance your skills in photograpy…..
    Jadi beli kamera gak pa?????
    Ada kamera bagus dan murah
    SONY A200+KIT 18-70mm = 4,7jt…..

    liat aja disini

  16. semangaaaaat…..
    inget yaa…..




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